In memory of Murray Taylor

Murray Taylor sadly passed away on the 31st of July 2020. He was a great friend to the Dojo since its beginning and to Phil Bradshaw for even longer.

Phil's respects:

I met Murray Taylor really for the first time in Manchester Airport on our way to see Ed Martin in St Louis Missouri for a seminar, although I had seen him before at other seminars in the UK but we first talked in the Airport and again in St Louis. This was about 20 years ago. As he told me later, on our first meeting he was not too sure about me as I had a blue Mohawk at the time.

About 6 month later we met again in the airport at Manchester this time on our way to Japan and had breakfast in the airport and sat next to each other on the plane and talked. From that time on we became great friends.

We traveled to many seminars together in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Japan, Barcelona, Germany, UK & he came to Switzerland to my home to stay with me about once every 3 months to eat, drink & train and he also became a great friend to my wife and Grandfather figure to my son.

We had many adventures together around the world all which came about through the Bujinkan. I miss him dearly, it feels like I have lost my father, brother & best friend all at the same time

Murray Rest in peace my friend.

Ana's respects:

I met Murray in Zurich when he came to do a seminar with us in 2016 (I think). His presence was extraordinary, you just felt good next to him. Murray would use a lot of acronyms to help us remember some important principles of Bujinkan. What is more interesting, the first time I heard the word serendipity was when he explained a certain concept and used it. Before that day I had no idea what the word meant. But now, after all those years, I guess meeting Murray was a type of serendipity indeed. I am sad that we didn't get to spend more time with him, God bless his soul. Thank you, Murray, for being a true friend to our Dojo.

Stan's respects:

I met Murray just a few times at the former dojo in Seebach. Murray was always energetic and encouraging and intensively practical in what he showed us. A couple of times some of his dojo participants came along and we trained with them and later all had dinner together at the restaurant we usually went to.

In particular important for me was what Murray said to me one time in response to my frustration that after all of the things shown and practiced at a seminar what remains is a blur. Murray said that his kind of feeling occurs in practitioners at all all levels, and it was clear what to do: just keep going. It was important to hear this. And it’s the reason I still go to classes.

I’m grateful to Murray for his comment. It will stay with me. Murray - a tough guy with great sensitivity (like many senior Bujinkan practitioners).

Ivan's respects:

I had pleasure to meet Murray in 2011 during first “Buyu Zurich”. Very same year we traveled together to Japan for Daikomysai and on the flight he promised me that he will introduce me to Soke. Indeed, he kept his promised by telling Soke next day: “Dozo“ (showing in my direction). And Soke applied koshijutsu on my eyes and nose, which resulted in a 3 days headache. I could not receive a better gift!

I will remember Murray as a very funny, charming but strong and eloquent man. He was very supportive and he was a warrior. Also, I am happy to have some of his carvings which was another passion that he cherished beside Bujinkan.

May he rest in peace.

Marek's respects:

I met Murray for the first time more than 11 years ago in Zurich at the opening of our Dojo, he was Phil's main guest. After that we trained under Murray 2 to 4 times a year, including in Germany at the BuyuKai. He was a close friend to our Dojo and a friend and mentor to me. Murray nominated my for my 1st and 3rd Dan grades. He teaching methods were always real, but also filled with humour. I remember many good times with him, he personally taught me a lot and helped me along on my way. I'll always honour Murray and will sorely miss him.